Process Diary | March 1, 2017


The UDC Operations Manual is Ready for Download

The Unified Development Code Operations Manual is now ready for use, and gives pointers on how to use the new code.

You can download a version of the UDC Operations Manual here (4mb .pdf), suitable for online viewing.

It’s also available for self-service printing here (78mb .pdf).

The operations manual is organized in three parts:

1. Quick Start Users Guide gives an overview of how to use the Doña Ana County UDC. The guide shows how the code implements Plan2040 and outlines the simplified process of using the UDC. The goal is to enable applicants to quickly find answers to their questions and aid in the navigation of the ordinance. This section talks about Use Zones and Transect Zones, and where they each are most useful, along with an overview of subdivision regulations and construction standards.

2. Community Type Design gives planning tricks and tools. This part talks about how the Community Types were derived with an overview of how they are regulated and enabled. Development intensity in new walkable developments are similar to Transect zones in historic villages and towns. This part talks through the seven steps to Community Type Design.

3. Transition and Process provides a location matrix of where to find specific regulations from the former system in the UDC. Some of the content in the UDC is new with no prior connection, and some did not transition because of redundancies. The application process is discussed, with a sample Community Type application showing the way to use this tool.

Additionally, the County is hosting a two-day training session with the PlaceMakers consultant on March 20 and 21, on how to use the UDC. Everyone is invited.

UDC Evening Lecture Series
March 20, 2017 | 7-8:30 p.m. | Commission Chambers
Doña Ana County | 845 North Motel Boulevard | Las Cruces, NM | 88007

This first evening is a series of overview presentations followed with question and answer periods. PlaceMakers will give talk on how Community Types developed along with check lists for plan review. We will walk through the process of reviewing a Community Type development application.

UDC Morning Lecture Series
March 21, 2017 | 10-11:30 a.m. | Commission Chambers
Doña Ana County | 845 North Motel Boulevard | Las Cruces, NM | 88007

This morning session will include three presentations with a question and answer period after each one: Process; Designing a New Community; and Developing an Application. This session is similar in content to the night before, but provides another timeframe to fit into the community’s schedule.

UDC Afternoon Working Session
March 21, 2017 | 1:30-3:00 p.m. | Commission Chambers
Doña Ana County | 845 North Motel Boulevard | Las Cruces, NM | 88007

This afternoon planning session will use a local site to have folks set up a basic Community Type plan at the sketch level so they can see the critical pieces. PlaceMakers will facilitate the work. Both the development community and County Planning Staff are encouraged to participate. We’ll be working in groups using base maps, tracing paper, scales, pencils, and pens to walk through the planning and application process.

Key portions of all three sessions will be filmed for anyone who can not attend. Throughout this two-day session, we will also be compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers which will become part of the UDC Operations Manual.

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