Local Input Opportunities

Tuesday, September 17 | Betty McKnight Community Center
Serving Chaparral, in both Otero and Doña Ana counties
Open for Drop-Bys: 1-4pm | Public Design Workshop: 5:30-7:30pm
190 County Line Road | (915) 691-1023, Mike Marquez

Here’s where all the hard work up until now gets fast-tracked through collaboration. As part of a series of workshops spread around the county, we’re taking a look at the ideas emerging to guide future development and redevelopment in Chaparral. Input from both Otero and Doña Ana Counties is welcome.

Do they cover the topics you’re most concerned with? Can you visualize how redevelopment might play out in areas you’re most familiar with?

This will be the time to dig into the details. Please join us.

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